"I have dedicated my life to helping both myself and my clients find complete peace of mind and a body as free from pain and illness as possible.

After an exciting but exhausting career singing and dancing in musicals in the West End and beyond, my body and spirit was broken and I left the stage to spend the past 10 years teaching yoga, Pilates, PT, meditation, nutrition and massage.

Now my life is full, calm and rewarding and I would like to offer you the opportunity to find the same."  Corrie McCallum

Journey and Ethos

My teaching style is fluid, inspired by my advanced anatomy and Osteopathy studies to create an intelligent, alignment based approach yet also being creative, inspired by the freedom of my dance background. I back away from micromanaging my students, preferring to give just enough cues to empower them to find the best way for their unique bodies, but targeting the exact areas to open and contract, making my classes accessible and stealthily challenging!

I guide students to practice from a place of mindful engagement, rather than creating more strain, tension and ego. I feel no teacher is beyond questioning and I am constantly considering what I am offering to ensure it is dogma free, current and evolving, whilst still deeply honouring tradition.

I am an E-RYT 500 hour qualified yoga teacher with over 2000 hours experience as a yoga teacher trainer, leading both 200 and 500 hour vinyasa flow trainings. I’m also qualified in Pilates, personal training, meditation, nutritional therapy, yoga nidra and Thai yoga massage, allowing me to blend my skills to create an open minded, evidence based and welcoming environment.

With a background as a professional dancer I have always been fascinated with the beautiful mechanics of the human body. Once I started to study anatomy and physiology I quickly found myself looking more into psychology as I realised the workings of the body and the mind were inextricably connected. These studies led to me qualifying to be a Pilates teacher and I fully embraced the holistic method offered by Joseph Pilates, who suggested that “Change happens through movement and movement heals” and “The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power”.

After a few years of teaching mat and reformer Pilates, I felt that I wanted to be able to offer my clients more dynamic and diverse solutions. The effective results of the method can be profound, but they can be enhanced by adding in more movement patterns. I was also playing amateur league football, weight lifting regularly and training for the London Marathon, so continuing my learning by becoming a personal trainer felt like the next logical step.

Over the next few years, I fused my knowledge to help clients with a range of physical issues and goals, from weight changes to disc bulges to marathon training. It was incredibly rewarding to be able to offer what I thought was a circle of care, to diversify my instructions to respond to the clients needs. However, I began to feel that something was missing, as I was looking after the body but only indirectly looking after the psycholgical and emotional needs of my clients.

My weekly exercise regime was a mixture of running, weight lifting, Pilates and yoga, which I felt gave me a perfect mixture of resistance, cardiovascular and mobility training alongside the added mental and spiritual benefits my yoga practise brought me. If this approach worked for me, I reasoned that it would work well for my clients too, so I completed the picture with a yoga teacher qualification.

Exercise alone isn't enough to create a healthy person, good nutrition and appropriate rest is even more important, which is why I am also qualified as a nutritional therapist, massage therapist and meditation teacher, to keep my clients feeling well from the inside out.

Of course it's important to look in the mirror and feel confident with what you see, but I am much less interested with aesthetics and much more interested with health. If our bodies are well looked after, free from pain, fed great food and given down time they will end up being a true reflection of a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss should be the side effect of a health and fitness regime, not the goal.

My body is perfectly imperfect, it has scars, muscles and curves, it has wonderful capabilities and realistic limitations. Every photo you see on this website represents the three decades of life that I have been privileged to enjoy, without airbrushing and I am constantly being surprised by what this lovely body will allow me to do.

Being qualified in many areas allows me to cater for my clients' complex needs with a varied range of knowledge and experience. I live what I teach and have a regular yoga and pilates practice, as well as rock climbing and running obstacle courses, weight lifting, swimming and cycling.

I am currently a student Osteopath, continuing to follow my never ending passion and intrigue of the human body.


Degree and Masters in Osteopathy (LSO) ONGOING


200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certificate (Yoga London)

500 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certificate (Yoga London)


REPS Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Personal Training (Premier Global)

NASM Int. Advanced Personal Trainer Award (National Academy Sports Medicine)

Training Prenatal and Postnatal Clients (NASM)


Stott Pilates Essential and Intermediate Mat Plus (Stott Pilates)

Stott Pilates Essential and Intermediate Reformer (Stott Pilates)

Pilates Mat Conversion Course (Body Control Pilates)


Nutritional Therapist Diploma (Health Sciences Academy)

Nutritional Advisor Certificate (Premier Global)


Sports Massage (Ready4Practice ITEC)

Thai Yoga Massage (Mudita)

Indian Head Massage (Therapy Training School)

Thai Hand and Foot Massage (Therapy Training School)

Self Myofascial Release and Functional Core (Trigger Point Therapy)


Mindfulness Meditation Diploma (Centre of Excellence)